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                  between performing technology and care

                        for the details, sign of Italian excellence

                     ALYSoNoLDoINI,                   Brand ALYSoNoLDoINI, according   together with a large area positioned
                     Via Montenapoleone 21, Milan.    to each area of competence.      on the backside that contains the
                     A historical location where      A significative cohesion among the   production zone, represented by the
                     you can breathe “savoir-fair”.   departments allows the Company to   central segment of the supply chain.
                     here, you can discover the intense   be punctual, precise and competitive.  The care for every detail, the
                     creations of the Collection ALYSoN.  The building, that benefits from a big   assembly of the components and the
                     There is an evident reality behind   parking in its innerside, decorated   mastery of the people who operate
                     it all, it is a particular location   with plants and trees, has got a wide   here, allows to export the Brand
                     that allows the Brand            surface and it develops on four floors   ALYSoNoLDoINI all over the world.
                     ALYSoNoLDoINI to impose and
                     to be well-known all over the world:
                     the main seat located in Como.
                     It is the result of an extraordinary
                     combination between style office,
                     technical department, productive
                     area of the semi-finished products,
                     office and the office dedicated
                     to public relations.
                     A team of highly qualified people
                     follows on a daily basis the

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