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                                       NEW MANE SUCCESSES…

                                                    MANE perfumers illuminate 2018 with brilliant scents which combine
                                                               MANE’s purest natural ingredients and innovative captives.

                                                                  Veronique Nyberg tells through TRUSSARDI RIFLESSO
                                                              the story of the life of a man who considers sport a lifestyle.
                              This new philosophy is expressed by head notes of Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit that create
                                   a citrusy Italian cocktail. Vibrant and energetic notes of Lavender Flower Pure Jungle
                                        Essence™ and hints of Italian Leather, refer to the effortless elegance of the new
                                                                         culture of the masculine TRUSSARDI personality.

                                                        Cécile Matton created STRONGER WITH YOU,
                                                   the masculine scent of the new Emporio Armani duo.
              The fragrance surprises with his originality, like the spicy accord in the top notes - a mix
             of Cardamom, Pink pepper and Violet leaves. Confident elegance and easy nonchalance
                            are conveyed by the Sage at his aromatic heart. Smoky Vanilla Pure Jungle
                                     Essence™ and sugar coated Chestnut accord sensualize the base.

                                                    Véronique Nyberg signed FIAT 500, the new sophisticated fragrance
                                                              that embodies the iconic brand for a trendy and urban man.
                                         The energy of sparkling Grapefruit combined with vibrant Timur Pepper Jungle
                                         Essence™ and Pink Pepper Jungle Essence™ confers a total burst of freshness.
                                                    The masculine floral heart of Italian Iris Butter and Geranium evolves
                                                     into a deep and warm base of precious Benzoin and Patchouli notes
                                                                  enlightened by sensual hints of Vanilla Jungle Essence™.

                    Alexis Grugeon & Véronique Nyberg signed L’HOMME by Emanuel Ungaro, a new
                                 interpretation of a classic and charismatic man who adores to seduce.
                     An extreme elegance and character appear from the beginning, thanks to vibrant
                          Black Pepper Pure Jungle Essence™ associated with a velvety Peach accord.
                               In the heart, aromatic tones of Lavender Flowers Pure Jungle Essence™
                              with Orris bring style and charisma, while rich woody and leathery notes
                                                in the drydown confer the memorable seal of sensuality.

                                                  Mathilde Bijaoui signed TO BE TATTOOART, the new Police fragrance.
                                                     A young and trendy scent for a man who likes the risk... a free spirit.
                                      The crispy Verbena opens this fragrance accompanied by the mysterious elegance
                                  of the Cardamom that evolves in an intriguing base of Amberwoods and Tonka Beans.

                                                                           Even more glamour
                                                                     and innovation to come…
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