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                     The world’s leading international
                     Artistic Perfumery event celebrates   ESxENCE – ThE SCENT
                     its tenth successful year from     of ExCELLENCE CELEBrATES
                     5 to 8 April at The Mall, Piazza Lina   ITS TENTh EDITIoN
                     Bo Bardi, Porta Nuova, Milan.      froM 5 To 8 APrIL
                     In Italy alone, alcohol-based creative
                     perfumery marked up a 60% increase
                     in turnover compared with 2015,
                     achieving a value of more
                     than euro 200 million and
                     accounting for approximately 2%
                     of the entire Italian beauty market.
                     Artistic perfumery continues
                     to attract increasing numbers of
                     players and admirers and Esxence
                     has made a significant contribution.
                     Esxence is the occasion when
                     all the elite of the sector – perfume
                     houses, noses, connoisseurs,
                     researchers, buyers, specialists,
                     distributors, professionals and
                     aficionados, meet in Milan in the
                     name of the most authentic,
                     refined olfactory culture.
                  ESXENCE 2018

                                                    ten years of success!

                     Esxence is the venue where new   that they are in contact with    newcomers - are present at Esxence
                     ideas are launched and new brands   the leading names in the field.   2018, directly or via their distributors,
                     and young talents take their first   More than 200 perfume houses -  representing the excellence of the
                     steps at this incubator, knowing   both well-established ones and   international artistic perfumery sector.

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