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                  The selection process is strict,
                  but it means that ever year
                  Esxence can offer visitors an
                  excellent array of interests for
                  new business and discoveries
                  every year, confirming Milan as
                  the capital of artistic perfumery.
                  The exhibitors are made up of the
                  Main Brands, names that have long
                  had a stable presence in the market
                  (40% of the brand list) while on
                  the other hand, Esxence fulfils its
                  function a an insightful scout in
                  its sector, drawing up a list of new
                  proposals, called ‘Spotlights’
                  (60% of the total), the best
                  of the emerging new brands.
                  The venue is international with
                  70% of the brands coming from
                  abroad, mostly from the rest of
                  Europe, but also the United States
                  and the Middle East, once again
                  illustrating the event’s international
                  leadership and vocation.

                                                                                    olfactory itineraries are also on
                                                                                    offer, one including all five senses.
                                                                                    There are book launches,
                                                                                    one dedicated to the history
                                                                                    of perfume in Venice, the
                                                                                    other to the secrets of oud.
                                                                                    Lastly, for the fourth year
                                                                                    running, Esxence is hosting the
                                                                                    announcement of the finalists in
                                                                                    the Art & olfaction Awards, the
                                                                                    prestigious Los Angeles-based award
                                                                                    for independent artistic perfumery.
                                                                                    All the events on the agenda are
                                                                                    completely free of charge and
                                                                                    open to all visitors to Esxence.

                  Esxkin – ThE ExcEllEncE          Esxence is also four days
                  of bEauTy                        of meetings and special events
                  for the fourth year running,     with the world’s most authoritative
                  a special section on niche skincare,   leaders in the field, confirming
                  Esxkin, is also hosted at Esxence,   the Esxence mission of promoting
                  where the world’s most           olfactory and cosmetic
                  exclusive brands will show       culture both to professionals
                  their distinctive innovative     and the general public.
                  formulae, effective ingredients,   Workshops, analyses of new
                  quality raw materials and        markets and new trends and
                  original approaches to the       debates on progress and challenges
                  creative cosmetics sector.       feature international experts.

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